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DESCRIPTION: Sept. 7, 2005. Lexington, MA. Counter vigil in support of gay and lesbian families and diversity in curriculum organized by Lexington CARES (Community Action for Responsible Education and Safety.) Lexington held a silent silent, non-confrontational vigil at the Visitor's Center to counter a rally being sponsored by the Massachusetts Family Institutue which about 50 people attended in support of David Parker. Mr. Parker is the Estabrook Elementary school parent who last April refused to leave the school building unless he was arrested. He used a book about families in the Estabrook Diversity Book bag as an excuse that he be notified, and that his child be excused from school, any time a child from a gay or lesbian headed family talked about his or her family in class.
TITLE: Lexington Residents Counterprotest at David Parker Rally
COPYRIGHT: © 2005 Marilyn Humphries
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